03 October 2008

Perfect for each other

Co-workers, friends, and family think I should date the following guys:

1) A guy who plays many musical instruments, has a graduate degree, and is so nice but don't you dare break his heart and what are you going to wear and what will you talk about. Oh and you should wear flat shoes. I will wear clothes. We will talk about politics, the weather, and my love of BYU. Flats? I'm more of a stiletto girl.

2) A guy who is unemployed and is doing little to find a job. Or making plans to go to school. Or doing anything else besides playing video games all day. Oh, and he has other 'issues.' I'm a social worker so I can solve anything.

3) A maintenance guy in town who also happens to have 4 kids. Hello instant motherhood. Step-motherhood that is.

A guy who recently returned from his mission. According to his grandma we would be perfect for each other and she really wants me to be part of her family. I'm fine with dating a younger guy and who wouldn't want me to be part of their family? The issue is that I'm pretty sure all woman 70 years or older still think I am a 20 year college student.

Let it be known that I don't mind going on blind dates and I have found that guys are better at setting up two people rather than girls. For some reason, they base the reason for the match more on personalities and less on the simple fact that I'm a girl and he's a guy.


Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor said...

Hillarious post! :) Thanks for being an regular blogger and for reading mine. . .thanks for the comments (wish u could have been at the conference too).

Anonymous said...

I am a firm believer in blind dates since that is how I found Rob, but...you still have to be selective even when it's a blind date especially the last 3 on the list, YIKES!

Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Still love the conversation that goes like this:

Person Setting Up (PSU): I know a single guy I want to set you up with

Me: Oh really, so what are his passions, pursuits, dreams, hobbies, etc.

PSU: Oh, I don't know, but he is single and you are single.

ME: Ah, perfect match. Set me up!